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2022-07-05 11:22:56 By : Mr. Matthew Hou

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Penn Township offices, located at 97 N. Penryn Road, Manheim.

Penn Township offices, located at 97 N. Penryn Road, Manheim.

When: Penn Township supervisors meeting, June 27.

What happened: Supervisors granted conditional approval for a stormwater management plan sought by Community Services Group (CSG), which plans to build a 4,500-square-foot addition to an existing property on Shimp Alley, behind 374 S. Main St., Manheim, to accommodate eight beds for adolescents. The property is in a residential zone.

Why it’s important: Jason Wolfe, a project manager with C.S. Davidson Inc., said the facility will house teens with mental health disabilities who are currently being sent to the “far regions of Pennsylvania.” Wolfe said those teens are receiving other mental health services paid out of Medicaid.

Background: CSG, a community-based mental health and intellectual and developmental disability organization, has group homes throughout Lancaster County with a home office in Mountville. The township zoning hearing board has reviewed the expansion project, which involves a couple utility adjustments. Township officials have met with neighbors who had concerns about water runoff. A mobile home already exists on the site. Wolfe said there are no beds proposed for staff members, who may work overnight shifts.

Board concerns: Supervisor Ronald Krause asked, “Are these are kids with nonviolent problems?” Wolfe responded “yes.” Fellow board member Gary Stevens asked what would happen if a CSG resident caused trouble in the township. In response, Wolfe explained that any illegal activity would result in the resident being discharged to a higher level of care.

Sewer bill relief: The board approved a sewer bill relief request from Meadows East Apartments by a vote of 3-2. Board member Richard Landis voted to approve the relief with a note that the township would not keep forgiving such requests.Township Manager Mark Hiester explained the community experienced “a substantial leak” involving 1.9 million gallons of water. The board approved a credit of $15,598.00. Hiester recommended the board consider also raising rates or otherwise motivating the owner into looking into why the leak occurred. He suggested the township tell the owners to “fix your pipes.” It’s their problem,” Stevens said.

Other happenings: Members of the Manheim Fire Company discussed plans for $1.4 million in building renovations and thanked the township for its support. Fire company President Daniel Reif said the department is not asking for money (for the expansion) but would like to start to conversation for capital funds to be put away every year.

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